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A Wonderful Gift!

So happy with this beautiful artwork for the ears! The butterscotch extended earrings are both stunning and fun. This gift was an absolute home run. Many thanks Laurette and Zygmunt for these great earrings and the excellent service too.

A Wonderful Gift!

So many wonderful pieces to choose from, so not an easy decision to select just one for a Valentine's Day gift. The service was as fine as the jewelry - quick answers to questions, fast shipping and many smiles when opening the box and finding a piece exactly as described. The Almond Coral Necklace was perfect! Many thanks Laurette and Zygmunt!!!

My go-to

I have the silver and gunmetal (hi, Elina!) and both are my "go-to" pieces - for any occasion, and especially when I travel - they're always with me. Impactful, but simple and not overwhelming.

Absolutely Stunning.

Wow. I cannot begin to say how much I love these silver earrings. They are so sleek, lightweight, and incredibly well made....They match so many of my favorite outfits and can be worn with something casual or classy. Thanks for creating such a gorgeous piece! True artisan work!

I love this necklace!

Bought this necklace at an art fair, because I couldn't walk away. So glad I did. It is simple yet has so much impact. Looks great with v-neck t-shirt. Give a great little pop to a very casual outfit.

Very cool earrings!

Found these in Palm Springs. They’re the perfect combo of midcentury, minimalist, and industrial. Perfect length (about 2 in). Thank you!

Eautiful and functional

This was my second time purchasing these earrings. They look like layered whisks with a single red bead on each strand. Just so unique, modern and with a spark of humor. When I lost them, I was devastated and so tracked down the artist to see if she had another pair. My interactions with her were so helpful. Would definitely track this artist through the shows.

linked tube earrings.

Beautifully designed and well crafted earrings that move in an intriging way while wearing. A gft for my daughter-she is very happy wth them.

Beautiful and Minimalistic

I spotted this necklace on a friend and assumed this was one of her pricier pieces. When I complemented it, she said it was so affordable she had actually bought two versions, silver and gun metal. I placed my order right then and there! Absolutely love it and it's become my staple.


I love the earrings. I have a similar pair that I bought at a museum in Palm Springs.

Love this necklace

I bought this necklace years ago in Telluride, CO and loved it so much that when I lost it, I tracked down the artist and asked her to make me another one. She made one for me even though she wasn’t selling it at the time. I lost it again a couple years ago and bought it a third time. It’s one of my favorite pieces and I still get compliments on it.

Great Jewelry and service

I am very pleased with the jewelry that I bought for my Wife for Christmas. She loves I thought she would, and they get it to me within a few days, luckily since I procrastinated a bit too long. We have bought from Laurette before and even more satisfied this time.

Absolutely love this jewelry!

My boss loves them

Favorite new earrings. Frequent compliments!

Lovely, unique earrings!

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It's unusual, lightweight and gorgeous.

Fun, great color

Love the color and style

My favorite earrings!

Love these earrings!

The earrings are so pretty. They look and hang just right. All of Laurette O’Neil’s designs are simply amazing! Jewelry with clean contemporary lines..

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Earrings are just beautiful . Perfect combination of comfort and style .. bold impact but thin hammered silver is so light . The post is placed in center of top ring of earring so that it holds well against earlobe rather than pulling too much on earlobe . Very modern look . I am very happy with the earrings . The matte silver picks up a gold tone too so earrings can be worn with either gold or silver other jewelry . I’d like to see more of this style .. larger , modern statement earrings with comfortable larger flat disk on posts to earlobe ( like clip on earring supports) , maybe with an even larger diameter but still hollow bottom circle ,with thinner rim on the larger bottom circle . Package arrived beautifully boxed . Very nice transaction .

    945 Hollow Earrings945 Hollow Earrings

  2. Laurie P. (verified owner)

    Gift for my daughter who loves how these earrings look and move while on. The seller has been helpful, responsive and was quick to send out the order. Highly recommended and beautiful earrings!

    892 Linked Tube Earrings892 Linked Tube Earrings

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I loved ordering from LAURETTE O’NEIL. Very speedy shipping and a wonderful piece of jewelry.

    897 Cubic Zirconia CZ Pendant897 Cubic Zirconia CZ Pendant

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  9. Shonda M. (verified owner)

  10. Mary C. (verified owner)

    Favorite new earrings. Frequent compliments!

    851 Black Jade Earrings851 Black Jade Earrings

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